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Gift Box ~ Coffee People

Gift Box ~ Coffee People

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Indulge in the rich flavors of responsibly sourced coffee while making a positive impact.

A modern take on a classic gift theme: coffee. With Onyx Coffee Lab’s new Extracts in their signature Southern Weather blend, paired with a coffee-infused chocolate bar. Simple, but effective, this power duo makes for a great gift for any coffee connoisseur.

Perfect for: Client gift, host gift, thank yous, office gifts.

Gift box contains:

~ (1) MCT Coffee Chocolate by Dirty Bean Chocolate

Ready for a wake up call? Single-origin coffee and MCT fatty acids infused in specialty cacao for a stimulating chocolate experience.

Vegan, direct trade chocolate, sweetened with erythritol and contains no added sugar.

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cacao butter, coffee, MCT oil powder, erythritol.

~ (1) Coffee Extractions - Southern Weather by Onyx Coffee Labs 

Extractions are premium coffee concentrates that provide specialty coffee in an infallible, shelf-stable, ready-to-use liquid form, creating a new intersection of convenience and quality in the specialty coffee industry.

Extractions is the first specialty grade premium coffee extract that shows true flavor profiles and showcases the terroir of different producers and farms from around the globe.

Make your morning cuppa with ease, or mix-it-up into espresso martinis and other fun cocktails! 


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