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Gift Box ~ Love Letters

Gift Box ~ Love Letters

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Give the gift of simple indulgences with this ‚ÄúLove Letters‚ÄĚ gift box. After all, the best things in life are sweet.

Complete with a set of handmade notecards for sending and leaving an old fashioned love note. Paired with a candle/coaster set, a duo of floral tea and a cardamom-rose spice dust perfect for dessert, lattes & baked goods, the ‚ÄúLove Letters‚ÄĚ box is a thoughtful gift set full of longevity.

Gift Box Contains: 

~ (1) Checkered Tile Coaster by Subtle Art Studios (Lavender Latte or Home Sweet Home)

This checkered tile coaster is handy for any occasion. Perfect to help prevent scratches or rings from liquids. These thick, durable, and long-lasting coasters would not be damaged even after repeated use. 

Handcrafted in limited quantity from high-quality glass tiles that can withstand high temperatures.

~ (1) Repurposed Bottle Candle by Wonky Wicks (La Luna or Dream Pop)

Each Wonky Wick candle is made with 100% soy wax and enhanced with pure essential oils. They are poured into a repurposed bottle, which we hand-cut and sand down to create a delightfully off-kilter candle we hope finds you with delight and leaves you with a lingering scent of whimsy. 

~ (1) Panneer Rose Petal by Diaspora Co.

These magenta-hued Panneer Rose petals, also known as Damask Rose, are organically grown on a small farm led by Parvathi Menon in Denkanikottai, Tamil Nadu in southern India.

These whole rose petals are fragrant with floral and fruity notes that are reminiscent of lychee and nectarine. Cultivating these ultra-delicate roses without the use of pesticides is no small feat, taking these farmers two years to perfect. In order to not damage the flower, Menon and her team also developed a unique solar-powered dehydration process that gently locks in the rose’s color and aromas while it's in full bloom. 

~ (1) Cardamom Rose Spice Dust by DONA

Freshly powdered rose petals & cardamom for dusting on top of Cardamom Rose Tea Lattes.

Ingredients: Rose Petals, Cardamom

~(1) Handmade notecards in Walnut by Bat Flower Press

NoWaste paper is made in small batches from locally sourced recycled materials and dyed with organic walnut pigments. Made with 100% recycled cotton paper made from mat-board off cuts collected at The Museum of Modern Art. Set of 10 notecards.

~ (1) Butterfly Pea Tea by The Qi 

Butterfly Pea Tea is a fragrant, caffeine-free herbal tea made from the dried flowers of the Clitoria ternatea plant. It has a light, sweet taste and a beautiful blue-violet color that changes when mixed with lemon juice and other types of citrus fruit juices.

Its unique flavor and beautiful color make it a perfect addition to any beverage menu. Its health benefits include stress relief, improved cognitive performance, and potential anti-aging properties. In addition, Butterfly Pea Tea is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that make it a great beverage choice for anyone looking to improve their overall health. Enjoy the unique flavor and beautiful hue of Butterfly Pea Tea, and experience the many health benefits it offers.


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