11 Eco-Luxe Items to Pack for Your Next Summer Trip

Ruby Sunglasses in Tortoise Checker by MACHETE ($160)

Bags, Bags, & More Bags  

There's a lot of baggage involved with taking a trip. We love to get away, but we also love certain creature comforts that help make the most unfamiliar surrounds still feel somewhat like home.

We all know the bag situation can spiral quickly-- One bag to pack the essentials, the other to carry around while you're out & about. One to separate  toiletries, one for the formal dinner, one for the tourist expeditions... If you're looking to streamline your packing look no further than our quick bag guide:

The Big Bag

Our go-to packing bag is Anchal's duffel bag. It's the quintessential weekender-- spacious enough to fit the essentials (& just a little extra!) and is the perfect size to fit in the trunk or to take on the plane as a carry-on.

Weekender Charcoal Bag ~ Charcoal ($160)

Ethically made with 100% organic cotton and hand-embroidered with the traditional Indian Kantha stitch, this bag celebrates ethical partnerships and fine craftsmanship and makes a bold statement wherever it goes.

The Organizers


Small Travel Organizer ~ Spruce ($52)

Medium Cross-stitch Toiletry Bag ~ Navy

A thin, vertical organizer with multiple compartments, or a wider more compact open space that's more of an all-in-one? For combs, hair clips, dental hygiene & soapy items I tend to prefer the multiple tier organizer. Shaving kits, oils, serums, and pretty much anything that comes in a glass bottle tends to end up in the more classic shaped organizer.

In a nutshell, the travel organizer is great for separating all of the bathroom accessories into categories, but the bags are much more convenient to keep all together or on a sink while getting ready.

Out & About

Summer is for crossbodies! Once we hit the warmer months, we always want our things to be light, especially the bag we walk around town with. Crossbody bags are perfect for the season since they tend to be lightweight, but still large enough to carry the essential phone-wallet-keys trio along with some other sunny accessories.

Vegan Cactus Leather Crossbody Bag ($325)

We love this luxurious vegan leather bag for everyday use, but it lends itself particularly well for trips. Since it can be dressed up or down and works in both casual and formal settings, it makes for one less bag to take for the trip! Plus, this highly durable vegan leather is made from cactus for a truly unique, durable, and chic summer look. 

Kantha Crossbody Belt Bag in Sage ($48)

Anchal's take on the fanny pack is spacious, adjustable, and made from organic cotton. It's a great crossbory to take camping, to a festival, or getting around the hot city with a compact bag. It's cotton material makes it flexible and easy to wash, so it's definitely the preferred choice for an on-the-go bag that can happily get a little roughed up.

Beach Bags & Backpacks

Jumbo Market Bag with Stripes ($48)

If you are doing a big bag in the summer, light fabric is the way to go. This hemp/cotton blend is lightweight, breathable, and doesn't add any extra heat on your body as you cart around all of your beach things up and down the boardwalk. Dans le Sac's Large Market Bag features the most classic striped design that will never go out of style.

Small Daisy Embroidered Backpack ($128)

This playful backpack is suitable for both children & playful adults and is perfect for day trips. Made with 100% organic cotton, this is another of Anchal's bags that are perfect for a summer on the go.  

Entertainment On-the-Go

Sure, phones are a readily available source of entertainment, but it's always great to pack a couple of classic games for the road. Plus, we travel often to disconnect, so having ways to bond with you travel companions off screen lends to some great memories of special times.

Deluxe Playing Cards ~ Eames Brothers  "Hang-it-All" ($24)

A deck of cards is essential. I actually keep a pack of "emergency playing cards" in my bag at all times. You never know when you're going to have to wait a while, and it's always fun to get them out with a group of friends for an impromptu round of Bullshit or Rummy. They're compact enough that it's never a hassle carrying them around, and they've come in handy more often than initially expected.

Luxury Travel Backgammon Set ($140)

The travel backgammon is and heirloom piece that can go with you anywhere. Compact enough to fit in any suitcase, or even a backpack-- this is a great piece to bring with you on longer trips. When opened, it can be played comfortably on a train, on a plane, in an airport, and makes for great entertainment for the inevitable rainy day at the beach.


Let's Get Closer: Table Talk ($26)

Whether you're learning more about people you already know, or need an easy, entertaining icebreaker with strangers, this version of Intelligent Change's Let's Get Closer series is compact, eclectic, and perfect to throw in one of your many travel bags on your way out the door.

Miscellaneous Bits and Bobs

Refillable Hand Sanitizer Pocket Sprayer ~ Vetiver ($9)

Noshinku's refillable sanitizers are the perfect size to pack and take anywhere. With 250-300 sprays per refill, it's tiny but mighty with alcohol derived from organic cane sugar and scented with essential oils. 

Ruby Sunglasses in Tortoise Checker ($160)

What's summer without a pair of sunnies? Like all of MACHETE's other matching accessories, these striking sunglasses are made from cellulose acetate, a durable & sustainable bioplastic derived from wood & cotton pulp.

Small Travel Picnic Blanket ($88)

Camping, concerts, picnics, festivals -- we spend a lot of time in summer lounging on the grass (or in the sand!) and having a compact blanket with a weather resistant backing is incredibly convenient, especially since it's also machine washable! This particular blanket is the smaller size, which is great for solo trips, children, and space-conscious packing. Made from recycled wool, TBco's picnic blankets are eco-conscious, vibrant, and woven ethically in India.


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We love to get away, but we also love certain creature comforts that help make the most unfamiliar surrounds still feel somewhat like home.