About Green & Bean

This small gift shop based in Maryland was founded in 2022, launched our first pop-up in 2023, and are opening our flagship location in Bethesda this June!

We carry 40+ unique, independent brands we see pushing the envelope of what fun, sustainable, ethically produced products can look like.

Whether you have a passion for ethically sourced, eco-friendly products & brands or simply need a quick gift for your next occassion, we hope you find something delightful!

  • Wilde House Paper Daily List pad. Shows hourly segments and a section for notes, movement, and self care.

    Brand First Mentality

    We have a brand-first mentality and thoroughly research any potential brands before they're brought in to ensure they match our philosophies on innovative, ethical, eco-conscious practices.

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  • Shop Consciously, Confidently

    Integrating sustainability and shopping consciously takes time we don't always have. We want you to feel confident that you can make informed decisions as a shopper even with a fast- paced lifestyle.

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  • The Slow Luxury Experience

    We believe that luxury is as much of an experience as it is a product.

    Slow luxury products have an elevated style, are made exquisitely well, and enhance everyday experience. 

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