Here at Green & Bean, we have cultivated a space where style and substance come to meet, so we source brands that prize design and style while also prioritizing eco-consciousness for a premium selection of goods that appeal to a sustainable life of luxury.

The Founder: Ali Mulaga

Green & Bean is Ali's second endeavor, and is a direct spin-off from Wonky Wicks, her first venture. Having been making candles since 2020, after two years it was time for an expansion, but instead of upping production in a warehouse, she chose to pursue a brick-and-mortar shop instead. One product does not make a store (unless you're Apple), so Green & Bean came to be filled with products that aligned with the core ethos of Wonky Wicks: high quality products made with strong sensibilities, both aesthetic & ethics.

Ali graduated from the University of Westminster in 2016 with a Bachelors in Journalism and in 2018 with a Masters in Creative Writing. Years later, she is delighted for the opportunity to utilize her education with this project! Though by no means a true pursuit of journalism-- from deep dives to find our spectacular brands to profiles & interviews, Ali's hope is for Green & Bean to be a source of information as well as a place to shop.

  • Brand First Mentality

    We have a brand-first mentality and thoroughly research any potential brands before they're brought in to ensure they match our philosophies on innovative, ethical, eco-conscious practices.

  • Shop Consciously, Confidently

    Integrating sustainability and shopping consciously takes time we don't always have. We want you to feel confident that you can make informed decisions as a shopper even with a fast- paced lifestyle.

  • The Slow Luxury Experience

    We believe that luxury is as much of an experience as it is a product.

    Slow luxury products have an elevated style, are made exquisitely well, and enhance everyday experience.