A Quick Guide to Our Guided Journals

We have a lot of guided journals. In fact, I believe the correct term for this many guided journals is called a "plethora." This isn’t including any of our planners, all of which do have an aspect of mindfulness to them (we have a plethora of those, too). Unlike a planner, the guided journals we carry aren’t necessarily tethered to time. You can date each entry, but it’s less about to-dos and more about am doing. Guided journals are largely about the present, and introspection. They ask you to pause and take note of what’s around you, or maybe to look inwards and find something within yourself. The benefits of journaling are numerous: introspection, working through problems, creating mementos for the future, mental health exercise, accountability– honestly, intention goes a long way with journaling and the avenues of growth are endless.

Whether you’re new to journaling and really need a guide, want to try different forms and more creative prompts, are looking for consistent practice or just something creative to dip your toe into here and there when the mood strikes, we’ve got a great selection of journals for your personal mindfulness practice.

intelligent change's notes on mindfulness journal

Best for Beginners: Notes on Mindfulness ($38)

Intelligent Change products are all centered around positive psychology & positive reinforcement. The Notes on Mindfulness journal contains the same daily spread, with short prompts on one side and a space for extra notes on the other. What makes Notes on Mindfulness perfect for beginners is that this journal takes time in the beginning to teach you about the practice of journaling, how to do it, and the benefits you’ll start to experience as you use it. With it’s consistent layout (each journaling page has the same prompts), this is well suited for building consistency in journaling and is a great way to dip your toe into the practice.

for now: a journal for ordinary moments

If you’re looking for something more creative try…. For Now: A Journal for Ordinary Moments ($28)

With 120 different prompts, Ordinary Habit’s For Now is our go-to choice journal for creativity. The prompts aren’t just centered on writing– they often include blank spaces, dotted pages, and even some pages meant for coloring in. With its more freeform structure, this works well as a journal that isn’t necessarily tethered in time, and probably isn’t something done chronologically. It’s more guided by intuition: which prompt, if any, is speaking to you today?

As someone with a lot of spare creative (chaotic) energy to spare, an allergy to consistency (and also nuts), and a love for the unconventional, the For Now journal is my personal favorite on this list.

Quick End of day reflections? Try the Self Reflections Pad ($20)

The Self Reflections Pad acts as a journal in terms of function, but takes the form of a daily list pad. It’s something that can be kept on a bedside table as part of a nightly routine, and takes maybe 5-10 minutes to fill out. Much like the Notes on Mindfulness journal, the Self Reflections pad is ideal for routine, ritual, and consistency. Wilde House Paper is a stationary brand that produces an array of planning tools, but what makes them really stand out is how they emphasize reflection as an important aspect of planning. It is in every sense the opposite side to the same coin, but reflecting is far more often overlooked in comparison to planning. We have daily, weekly, monthly, even quarterly planners– but how often do we come across reflection tools?

Stuck in a rut? Try our Reset Guide ($40)

Wilde House also makes the Reset Guide, which continues us on this same vein of reflecting tools. Instead of being tethered to time, the Reset Guide can be started at any time and take as long as it takes to complete. Much like For Now, the Reset Guide isn’t chronological, but they differ in that the intention of the Reset Guide is in the name. There are elements of “past”, “present” and “future” but they all intertwine and commingle under this intention of  creating a blank slate. What makes this particular journal stand out is how it speaks to you as much as you speak to it. It goes beyond a standard prompt and instead guides you on a journey through, around, and back to yourself. 

cultivating conversations by wilde house paper

Bonus* Prompts: Mindful Affirmations/Cultivating Conversations ($36/38)

These aren’t journals– there’s no pages that even tie them together, but both the Mindful Affirmation and Cultivating Conversation decks lend to great journaling prompts! For those that don’t necessarily need a guide of a plethora of prompts and just need a jumping off point here and there, these cards are great for sparking inspiration. The Mindful Affirmations lend particularly well to gratitude journaling, while Cultivating Conversations has 70+ questions over 7 different categories that encourage self-reflection.

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Guided Journals

Whether you’re new to journaling and are looking for consistent practice or just want something creative to dip your toe into here and there when the mood strikes, we’ve got a great selection of journals for your personal mindfulness practice.

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