What is "Slow Luxury?"

The term "slow luxury" may seem redundant, akin to phrases like "ATM machine" or "3am in the morning," as luxury inherently implies a sense of slowness. After all, what's luxurious about being in a rush?

Luxury is a concept that exists both tangibly and intangibly. Tangible luxuries are easy to identify – items like a Birkin bag, Louboutins, or a Maserati. These are material possessions that symbolize luxury. However, there are also intangible luxuries, which truly encapsulate the essence of the word. Consider the luxury of time – having the freedom to sit down in the morning and savor a cup of coffee, leisurely enjoying each sip. This experience, complete with a cherished ceramic mug and background music, is vastly different from hastily gulping down caffeine during a frantic commute.

Wilde House Paper "Day Planner" displayed on navy cheetah tray

Arguably, one of life's greatest luxuries is the abundance of time. Starting the day with Wilde House Paper's Day Planner is 15 minutes of my morning routine that sets a tone for a day unrushed.

In essence, luxury is not just about owning extravagant items; it's about the experience they provide. Slow luxury embodies this notion perfectly. Even the process of creating slow luxury products is luxurious in itself. It involves meticulous attention to detail, sourcing materials with care, and crafting timeless designs that transcend trends. Slow luxury items exude elevated style, exquisite craftsmanship, and enhance the everyday experience.

Many of the products we offer at Green & Bean exemplify this concept of slow luxury. While items like puzzles, blankets, and journals may not immediately evoke thoughts of luxury, when executed with care and attention, they can transform into meaningful and vibrant pieces that elevate everyday life.

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