How We Package

Whether coming to our shop in person, ordering a gift box online, or having us wrap your gifts, we want you to know exactly what goe into all of our packaging options.

As a product based business, packaging is unavoidable. Products need to be shipped to us, we ship out online orders, and when people shop in store, they might need a bag to take their goods home with them. We also do gift boxes and wrapping, so that your gifts arrive looking as good as you’re hoping to make the recipient feel.

Like I said, packaging happens. But there's a large chasm (the symbolic opposite of 'a fine line') between zero packaging whatsoever and unnecessarily turning more and more of the planet into a landfill.

Here's how we've found a happy middle. To be improved on, certainly, but as it stands we are very proud of our efforts thus far to bring beautiful packaging in a sustainable fashion.

Gift Boxes

Ali’s Box
Our gift boxes are made with 100% recycled, recyclable materials. Everything is dyed naturally with vegetable or soy inks. The box and ribbon are both compostable. Any tissue paper or stickers you may receive are also compostable. We break down our delivery boxes and shred them to make up the gift box filling.  

Gift Wrapping

Shop Kiinshipped Products

Kinshipped wrapping paper is made with recycled paper and dyed with vegetable inks. Everything is FSC certified, compostable, and perhaps most importantly, some have matching greeting cards!

We sell Kinshipped wrapping paper in sets of 3 sheets, and also offer gift-wrapping! To have us wrap one of your items, simply choose a wrapping paper, adjust the quantity for how many items, and when you look at your cart, add a note telling us which wrap to do with which item.

For example, if you have chosen the Sarengeti Leopard Wrap for the Forest Hike Puzzle and the Odd Shapes Wrap wrap for the Alphabet cards, let us know on the cart page (before checkout).

Shop Bags

We recently (as of August 2023) started using bags from Releaf Packaging as our carry-out bag in our brick-and-mortar location here in Maryland. As the bag boldly states, not a single tree has been cut down to product it. It's made with leaves! The production of these bags emits 78% less CO2 during production and can biodegrade in just 30 days! 


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Recycled Materials

From recycled paper to recycled bottle candles to recycled picnic blankets, all of the products in this collection had a life prior to their current forms!