What does the FSC Symbol mean?

What is the FSC?

Founded in 1994, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is dedicated to managing the forests of our planet, and how to source from them responsibly. They use a certification system based around 10 core principles surrounding responsible forrest management. These principles cover maintaining/conserving/restoring biodiversity, the social/economic wellbeing of workers & respect for Indigenous lands, as well as consideration for long-term impacts.

An international endeavor, the FSC unites forresters, product makers and responsible consumers to ensure that as we take resources from the land, we balance it with.

What does it mean for a product to be FSC Certified?

To be FSC Certified, a product has to use certified components from start to finish. Having 75% of the product be FSC certified is not good enough. This includes any manufacturing, repacking, relabelling, or any addition of a forest-based component must also be certified for a maker to label their products with the FSC stamp.

All products have a chain of custody, which describes all of the steps an object will take on its journey through the supply chain to become a product, and then to make its way to you, the consumer. From where it was sourced to who is doing the labor and how the forest is being managed overall, FSC provides rigorous expectations to ensure ethical consumption.

Why do we work with FSC Certified companies?

When a brand uses FSC Certified materials, it shows us a commitment to sustainability that is paramount to our ethos. From playing cards to decorative trays and coffee filters, FSC Certified products come in various forms.

This isn't to say we only carry products with FSC certifications. Bat Flower Press, for example, does not have this particular certification but their products are made by repurposing matboard from the Museum of Modern Art and hand-cranking the recycled paper on a classic press. FSC does accept the use of reclaimed materials in certified products, but their mission is more based around sourcing new materials as opposed to diverting waste.

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The FSC Certified Collection

Playing cards, coffee-makers, planners, & more ~ these products were all made using sustainably sourced wood