Gift Box Options

Below you'll find some gifting options we think your recipient will adore!
Please let us know via email which option you would like, along with any substitutions and copy for a personalized note!

*prices include gift packaging, a handwritten note on a Bat Flower Press notecard, and are subject to state tax

Option 1 ~ Retro Gaming
Gift Contains:
~ (1) Domino Set in Daisy Black
~ (2) Glass Tile Coaster in Classic Black & White by Subtle Art Studios

Option 2 ~ Flower Girl

Gift Contains:
~ (1) Flower Press by Studio Wald
~ (1) Atlas Hoops in Tokyo Checker by MACHETE
~ (1) Mini Claw in Tokyo Checker by MACHETE

Option 3 ~ Coffeehaus 

Gift Box Contains:

~ (1) Daisy Black Coaster Set (of 4) by Wolfum Studio

~ (1) Coffee Extractions in Southern Weather by Onyx Coffee Labs

~(1) Tangram Vol. 1 by Art of Play

Option 4 ~ Take a Hike  

Gift Box Contains:

 ~ (1) Corduroy Crossbody Bag by Dans le Sac (this hasn't been officially released yet so it's not online!) This is the Tote Version that already exists (not in black).

~(1) Cabinetarium Playing Cards by Art of Play

~(1) Bergamot Refillable Hand Sanitizer by Noshinku


Option 5 ~ Travel Essentials

Gift Box Contains:
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