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Special occasions, corporate events, major holidays, and everything in-between: gifting is our specialty! Below you'll find curated options of eco-conscious, ethically sourced goods we think you'll love.

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Eco-Luxe Gifts for the Minimalist: Simple, Stylish, and Sustainable

In this spirit of mindful living, we present a curated collection of eco-luxe gifts tailored for the discerning minimalist. Rooted in the principles of sustainability, craftsmanship, and timeless design, each handpicked item embodies the essence of simplicity, style, and sustainability.

From sleek home decor pieces to functional everyday essentials, our selection epitomizes the beauty of minimalist living without compromising on luxury or eco-consciousness.

Whether you're seeking the perfect addition to a clutter-free space or a thoughtful token of appreciation for a minimalist enthusiast, our collection offers an array of eco-luxe options that align with the minimalist ethos of living intentionally and sustainably.

Handmade NoteCards (Set of 10) ~ Sky

For the Thoughtful Correspondent

Product ~ Handmade Notecard Set (of 10)

Brand ~ Bat Flower Press 

Price ~ $22


Indulge in the art of thoughtful correspondence with Bat Flower Press' Set of 10 Handmade Notecards, handcrafted with upcycled from matboard from the Museum of Modern Art.

Each card is a unique expression of creativity, meticulously crafted and dyed with indigo. Perfect for the discerning correspondent who values personal connection and sustainable living, these eco-friendly notecards add a touch of timeless elegance to every handwritten note.


Mini Hoops

For the Eco-Fashionista

Product ~ Mini Hoops in Ivory

Brand ~ MACHETE 

Price ~ $28

Hoops have never stopped carrying their weight in the fashion world. From the free-spirited ‘70s to the Y2K style of the 2000s, the hoop earring has stood the test of time—and today remains an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe.

These mini hoops in Ivory add a pop of newness to an otherwise classic shape. Lightweight, versatile, and stylish, these hoops look great with everything from a polished 9-to-5 look to the of-the-moment outfit she styled for this Friday night.

For the Tea Connoisseur 

Product ~ Tea Time Gift Box

Brand ~ The Qi, Wolfum Studio

Price ~ $88

This thoughtfully assembled gift box features a floral tea sampler with accessories perfect for enhancing a tea making ritual.

Perfect for those who savor the whole experience of tea from steep to pour, our "Tea Time" Gift Box is a luxurious treat for the discerning tea connoisseur.


Backgammon Set (Travel) ~ Black Dot

For the Sophisticated Gamer

Product ~ Travel Backgammon in Black Dot

Brand ~ Wolfum Studio

Price ~ $140

Wolfum Studio's Travel Backgammon Set was designed with the sophisticated gamer in mind ~ someone who values style, classic entertainment, and portability. Crafted with attention to detail and sustainability in mind, this compact backgammon set allows you to enjoy a timeless game of strategy wherever your adventures take you.  

Product ~ Nail Polish in Pewter

Brand ~ J. Hannah 

Price ~ $22 

This sophisticated shade adds a touch of understated elegance to your nails while adhering to nontoxic and eco-friendly principles.

Perfect for the conscious beauty enthusiast, J.Hannah's Pewter Nail Polish offers long-lasting color and shine without compromising on health or the environment. 

Repurposed Bottle Candle ~ Early Bird


Product ~ "Early Bird" Repurposed Bottle Candle

Brand ~ Wonky Wicks

Price ~ $36

Transform your space into a sanctuary of focus and clarity with Wonky Wicks' energizing "Early Bird". This essential oil candle with notes of lemongrass and rosemary is crafted for the eco-conscious homebody who seeks serenity and sustainability. Infused with invigorating, natural oils, this eco-luxe candle creates a soothing ambiance that rejuvenates the senses while promoting a mindful connection with nature.


Product ~ Knee Blanket in Silver Herringbone 

Brand ~ TBCo 

Price ~ $82

Crafted from recycled wool fibers, this luxurious herringbone blanket offers unparalleled softness and durability, making it the perfect companion for chilly nights by the fireplace or outdoor adventures. What's even better? It's machine washable!

Ideal for those seeking rustic charm and sustainable style, TBCo's eco-luxe blanket is a testament to mindful consumption and cozy living. Embrace the essence of homesteading and gift the gift of comfort with TBCo's Recycled Wool Blanket, designed to bring warmth and eco-friendly luxury to the home. 

Product ~ Laptop Case in Sage Checker

Brand ~ Anchal 

Price ~ $48-$52

Anchal's new Checkered Laptop Case combines a captivating check design with delightful stitch details. Specifically tailored to fit either a 14" or a 16" laptop, this padded case offers both secure protection and style for your valuable device.

Protect your tech in style with our Laptop Case, designed for the stylish techie who values both fashion and functionality. Whether you're working from home or on the go, Anchal's laptop case ensures that your tech remains safe and stylish. Crafted from organic cotton from talented artisans in India, this eco-luxe laptop case is the epitome of ethical textile production.


Product ~ Cactus Leather Puzzle Cardholder 

Brand ~ Allegorie 

Price ~ $88

Organize your essentials in sustainable style with Allégorie's Cactus Leather Cardholder, tailored for the conscious spender who values ethical fashion and eco-friendly vegan materials.

Crafted from innovative cactus leather, this wallet offers a sleek and sophisticated design while minimizing environmental impact. Perfect for those who prioritize conscious consumption and minimalist living, this eco-luxe wallet is a stylish statement of your commitment to sustainability. With compartments for cards, cash, and more, it's the ideal accessory for keeping your finances in order when you're on-the-go.

glass tile coaster ~ it's Ocean

For the Elegant Entertainer 

Product ~ 'It's Ocean' Glass Tile Coaster

Brand ~ Subtle Art Studios 

Price ~ $18 single; $72 set of 4

Crafted from temperature resistant glass tiles, these coasters add a touch of understated luxury to table settings while minimizing environmental impact. Perfect for those who love to entertain with style and grace, Subtle Art Studios' eco-luxe coasters are as elegant as they are eco-friendly.

With their sleek design and durable construction, they effortlessly protect your surfaces while enhancing the aesthetics of your home. Get a matching set or mix-and-match individuals for a unique twist!

Square Tray ~ Cheetah Navy

For the Stylish Hostess

Product ~ 'Cheetah Navy' Square Serving Tray

Brand ~ Wolfum Studio

Price ~ $52

Made from sustainably sourced FSC Birch, this eco-luxe tray adds a touch of natural elegance to any entertaining setup while showcasing a commitment to green choices.

Perfect for serving drinks, appetizers, or displaying decorative items, Wolfum Studio's square tray combines practicality with timeless style. Whether they love to host dinner parties or a casual gathering, this versatile accessory is sure to delight your receiver. 

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