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Gifts That Give Back: 7 Elegant Eco-Friendly Options for Meaningful Gestures

 In a world where every purchase holds the power to shape our planet's future, choosing gifts that go beyond mere material exchange becomes an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. At Green & Bean, we believe that giving back can be as elegant as it is eco-friendly. That's why we've curated a collection of eight exquisite products that not only elevate your gifting experience but also contribute to positive change. 

Within our carefully selected range, you'll discover a symphony of craftsmanship, sustainability, and social responsibility. As you explore these elegant eco-friendly options, you'll find more than just beautifully crafted items – you'll uncover stories of resilience, community, and hope. Each purchase represents a conscious choice to support fair wages, ethical production, and initiatives that address pressing environmental and social challenges.


1: For the Frequent Flyer 

Product ~ Foldable Travel Organizer

Brand ~ Anchal

Price ~ $52

How Anchal Gives Back ~ Anchal is the perfect brand to start off this list as they are actually a nonprofit organization. On top of accepting donations, Anchal's products are their main source of generating revenue to drive long-term impact on the women they employ. They implement social impact programs to help their artisans with design and skills training, full-time employment, educational workshops, health services and so much more! 

2: For the Candle Connoisseur 

Product ~ "Sun Salutation" Repurposed Bottle Candle

Brand ~ Wonky Wicks

Price ~ $36

How Wonky Wicks Gives Back ~ Each candle purchased plants a tree with their tree planting partner, Forest Planet. By repurposing glass bottles for the candle vessels, Wonky Wicks is able to divert and repurpose single-use bottles into nontoxic, all natural candles made with soy wax & essential oils.


3: For the  Beverage Aficionado  

Product ~ "Fancy a Cuppa" Gift Box

Brand ~ Diaspora Co. (Dona, & Teaspressa)

Price ~ $108

How Diaspora Co. Gives Back ~ Even amongst the brands on this list, Diaspora Co. stand out in is efforts to give back. The brand's entire reason of being is to equitably revitalize the spice trade by paying farming partners a living wage that is 6-7x the average commodity price. On top of donating over $500k in the past two years to a variety of global crises, Diaspora Co. has also released an Impact Report for transparency, and started a Farm Worker Fund in 2022 to further support their 150+ farm partners.

Source: Diaspora Co.

*We suggested this gift box over any particular product because it's a great way to introduce Diaspora Co. to someone ~ there's just too many spices to choose just one!


4: For the Pampered Pooch 

Product ~ Recycled Wool Pet Blanket (Small, Large

Brand ~ TBCo 

Price ~ $52, $64

How TBCo. Gives Back ~ Not only does TBCo donate 2% (1% for the planet, 1% for the people), they are also a B-Corp with high standards for social and environmental impact, and have saved over 1 million garments from the landfill. The pet blankets take their upcycling a step further, as they are made from offcuts of their signature house blankets.


5: For the Vegan Chocoholic

Product ~ Sea Salt Oatm*lk Chocolate Bar

Brand ~ Otherly Chocolate

Price ~ $9, $12

How Otherly Gives Back ~ This plant-based chocolate company is a certified B-Corp, ethically sourcing their single-origin chocolate from Columbia. By replacing dairy milk powder with oat milk powder, Otherly takes a step further to not only support people and the planet, but also the ethical treatment of animals.

Fun fact: Their sister brand UP-UP is the world's first chocolate brand to be certified by Slave Free Trade.


6: For the Mindful Mentor

Product Notes on Mindfulness

Brand ~ Intelligent Change

Price ~ $38

How Intelligent Change Gives Back ~ Intelligent Change practices what they describe as a 1-1-1 philanthropic model by donating 1% of their profits, products, and time. They also use recycled FSC Certified paper, meaning not one tree is being cut down to product their stationary products. 


7: For the Budding Bartender

Product ~ Garden Party Cocktail Infusion Kit

Brand ~ Modern Sprout

Price ~ $64

How Modern Sprout Gives Back Modern Sprout are 1% for the planet members and thoughtfully design and produce their products to have a better overall impact on people, plants, and the planet. They also have planted over 50,000 trees with American Forests with their one-for-one tree kits (which we carry too!)

For every Tree Kit purchased, a donation is made to plant a tree. Since we also plant one tree per order, that's 2 trees planted per purchase, not to mention the tree you get to plant! Now that's a lot of trees.


Keeping eco-conscious and ethical sourcing practices at the forefront of our shop, Green & Bean hopes to bring you fun, unique options for easy, effective gifting!

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