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Teacher Appreciation Gifts Your Favorite Educators

Teacher appreciation day is May 7th this year! Finish the school year by showing gratitude to your favorite educators for all of the wisdom they’ve imparted on you throughout the year.

From inspiring lessons to unwavering support, teachers give their all to nurture and guide their students. In this blog post, discover thoughtful gift ideas that convey appreciation and celebrate the dedication of these everyday heroes. Let’s celebrate the teachers who make a lasting impact!

A gift that says “You Make Learning Sweet”

Product ~ Salted Caramel Oatmilk Chocolate

Brand  ~ Otherly

Price ~ $12

Treat your favorite educator to a delightful blend of dairy-free, salted caramel chocolates, crafted to sweeten their day. Each decadent bite is a token of appreciation, making this set the perfect way to say thank you for making every lesson a treat.

Checkered Tile Picture Stand in Matcha Milk Chocolate. A "Stoic Reminder" from Marcus Aurelius reads "Dig deep within yourself, for there is a fountain of goodness ever ready to flow if you will keep digging."

A Gift that says “Thanks for the Memories”

Product ~ Picture Stand; Mini Picture Stand

Brand ~ Subtle Art Studios

Price ~ $36; $26

Preserve precious memories with this elegant checkered tile picture stand, a heartfelt gesture of gratitude. Each glance at the displayed photos will remind your teacher of the lasting impact they’ve had, making it a meaningful way to say thank you.

A Gift that says “Thanks for helping me grow”

Product ~ Garden Party Grow Kit

Brand ~ Modern Sprout

Price  ~ $64

Say thank you with this thoughtful garden kit, designed to cultivate both plants and gratitude. Each bloom and sprout will serve as a reminder of the nurturing influence your teacher has had on your journey, making it a meaningful gift of appreciation.

A gift that “Workday Wellness Made Simple”

Product ~ Workday Wellness Gift Box
Price ~ $92

A gift that says thank you for your dedication and passion in shaping young minds, inspiring us every day. This token of appreciation recognizes your tireless support and guidance, your commitment to well-being, and your extraordinary impact on the lives you touch.

A gift that says “School’s out for summer!”

Product ~ Inflatable Pool in Shapes

Brand ~ Mylle 

Price ~ $120

Say goodbye to textbooks and hello to summer fun with an inflatable pool, perfect for lazy days and backyard get-togethers. Wind down in the summer sun, and get some relaxing reading done.

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