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Meet the Green & Bean Essentials -

If you don't know where to start with all of our luxe, design-driven & eco-conscious goods, this is the spot! We specially curated this collection to be a microcosm of the macrocosm if you will - of some picks that we believe truly nail down the essence of slow luxury.

In no particular order, we have:

Power Nap Onyx Coffee:

This "half-caf" blend is a pre-roast blend of 50% Ethiopia Works and 50% Decaf Colombia coffee. The resulting cup is silky sweet and reminiscent of ripe peach and cocoa, with a sweet finish of brown sugar. It's so absolutely delicious and allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee without all the jitters.

Wilde House Weekly List Pad:

This elegant desk pad was printed on luxe recycled paper and designed to help you craft your ideal week. From daily planning, a priority list, open area for notes and inspirations to daily wellness check ins, this weekly list pad will allow you to live to your fullest potential. 

Wilde House Daily List Pad:

This minimal desk pad was designed to help you find balance in the everyday. Complete with hour-by-hour planning, a priority list, an area for notes as well as a wellness checkpoints, the Daily List Pad guides you into your fullest state of well-being.

Project Planner:

For those who want to organize their days beyond the standard daily-weekly-monthly format, or have multiple projects to keep track of, Poketo's project planner is ideal for managing goals, deadlines, while still providing space for to-dos and important dates. Ideal for creatives and people who are self-employed!

Dresden Throw:

The Dresden Throw was designed by Dallas-based illustrator Niki Dionne. She is also known for her oil pastels and fiber art.

We absolutely love all Slowdown Studio throws; they are the perfect weight to be used on the couch, as a picnic rug, or to hang on the wall as art. All are manufactured with 100% USA grown cotton including 25% recycled content. We felt that this one in particular embodied the uniqueness of Green & Bean & deserved a place in the Essentials Collection.

Classic B&W Rectangular Tray:

Everything from Subtle Art Studios is absolutely stunning, but this black & white rectangular tray is the epitome of classic. They serve as a perfect table piece in both form & function. Perfect to help prevent scratches or rings from liquids.  Handcrafted in limited quantity from high-quality glass tiles that can withstand high temperatures.

Food Planner:

This 52 week food planner is perfect food for those who like to meal prep, track their favorite recipes, or just want track their dietary habits over the course of the year, year-to-year. There is even space at the end to summarize and reflect once the planner is completed.

Orange Mezcal Sour Chocolate:

This chocolate has barrel-aged Oaxacan mezcal and dried orange infused in single-origin cacao for a chocolate experience with a kick. It is vegan, direct trade, and sweetened with coconut sugar. The creators who brought us this amazing chocolate draw inspiration from ancient chocolate-making practices, contemporary mixology and modern nutritional science to create a kind of chocolate that is meant to be experienced.

Jardin d’hiver Puzzle:

If Green & Bean was a puzzle, it’s pretty clear it would be this one. It allows us to step into the serene world Lida Ziruffo has created in her Jardin d’hiver for a challenging 1000 piece puzzle, which is made from high-quality recycled materials.

2A Teas:

Dos Alquemistas is based on Mallorca’s West Coast, and they handpick olive leaves from branches during the pruning season. The result is a nutritious tea with a depth of earthy flavor. Whether you choose the pure olive tea or one of their blends with ingredients also sourced from the island, 2A teas harness the essence of Mallorca and bring it straight to your cup.

Olive Dust - 100% pure olive leaf dust. A savory topping to culinary dishes for an extra added flavor and beauty.

Terra- Terra can be translated to 'Earth', and this single ingredient olive tea is a homage to one of human civilizations oldest cultivated trees.

Muntanya- orange blossom and mint make for a bright, refreshing cup of tea in this blend we find perfect for the mornings.

Prosecco & Raspberry Bubble Bath:

Last but CERTAINLY not least, the queen of a luxurious self-care experience. Add some effervescence to your bath with this Prosecco & Raspberry Bubble Bath. It is hydrating & gently cleanses the skin while also protecting the skin's pH mantle and natural oils.

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