Holiday Party Collection


As the season of extravagant winter parties approaches, we wanted you to host and arrive at each one feeling prepared, excited and most of all; eco-luxe. We’ve curated this holiday party collection so you can easily shop for your upcoming events this season: 

1. For the introverts or maybe those who prefer a slower paced party, we’ve included the timeless 100 piece "Royal Mansour" puzzle by Ordinary Habit. OH makes tactile wellbeing tools to embrace daily play, which is the perfect “piece” of any holiday party that is going for a laid back and cozy feel.


2. On the contrary, for those who identify as more extroverted, we’ve included Wilde House Paper's Cultivating Conversations Card Deck. This is the perfect way to warm up a group of guests to encourage some lively and meaningful conversation.

3. In addition to the Cultivating Conversations Card Deck, we’ve added two of our new items – Eames Playing Cards and Flying Dog Playing Cards (Edition One).
- The Eames cards feature bold lines, colorful interconnected circles, and a new
numbering system that is designed to be more logic oriented and visually cohesive.
- The Flying Dog cards were produced in collaboration with Maryland's Flying Dog Brewery and visionary artist Ralph Steadman.

4. Cards are a lovely gesture for any occasion, so we’ve included a few in this collection:
Birthday Chic Card
Little Something Card
Rush Hour Card
- The Birthday Chic card is printed on Wilde House’s luxe recycled paper and is the perfect card for any chic individual.
- The Little Something and Rush Hour cards are from Poketo, a brand founded by a husband-and-wife team and was born out of the desire to infuse art and design into everyday events.

5. For refreshments, we’ve included some of our new Strongwater products:
- For those with a more classic preference, the Old Fashioned Syrup is a must-have. This sophisticated syrup is simply a staple to any soiree.
- For those with a more experimental palette, the Creole bitters and Sparkling Ginger Beer mixer can be used for numerous cocktails if you’re feeling playful. The Creole bitters are a perfect combination of herbaceous and citrus, and the ginger beer is a great staple to add to any novel drink.

6. We absolutely had to include Dirty Bean Chocolate’s decadent designs:
- For those with a preference for richness and a punch of flavor, try the
Orange Mezcal Sour Chocolate
- For those with a preference for subtlety and a gentler wave of flavor, the Pinot Grigio Chocolate was made for you!

7. Last but not least, the Subtle Art Studios Checkered Bowl Coaster – Your Kind of Champagne, is the perfect design-driven coaster too place your food or drink on throughout the evening.


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The Holiday Party Collection

Whether you’re hosting or attending this holiday season, we’ve curated this festive collection of party favors just for you: