What is "Slow Luxury"?

Saying “slow luxury” almost feels like the way people say “ATM machine” or “3am in the morning” in that it’s already implied. Of course luxury is slow! What’s luxurious about being in a rush?

“Luxury” is one of those words that exists tangibly and intangibly. Nouns are persons, places, things, and ideas. There are tangible luxuries– a Birkin bag, Louboutoins, a Maserati– things, basically. But then there are the more intangible luxuries, the ones that show what the word is actually about. Think about how time is a luxury. Having the time to sit down in the morning and actually taste the cup of coffee you made. Drinking coffee out of your favorite ceramic mug that was gifted as a birthday present years ago, at your table with no place in particular to be and music coming from the kitchen radio is a wholly different experience than mindlessly guzzling the hit of caffeine as you speed just a little, in a rush, on the highway to work.

Arguably, luxury is as much of an experience as it is a product.

With slow luxury, even the act of creating is luxurious. It too is an experience. It takes time, the materials are sourced with care, the designs are timeless, not trendy. Slow luxury products have an elevated style, are made exquisitely well, and enhance everyday experience. 

A lot of the products we carry are simply elevated versions of everyday items. Maybe not necessarily the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “luxury”. There’s nothing inherently "luxury" about a puzzle, a hair clip, a journal, but done well, these typically mundane items can be add a level of nuance to your day-to-day life that makes life itself seem more luxurious.