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Art of Play

Playing Cards ~ Eastern Forest

Playing Cards ~ Eastern Forest

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Shuffle the deck and deal a miniature ecosystem. What links the lives of the creatures in your hand?

What connections – seen and unseen – do you have to these sylvan beings? Feel, look, listen, and smell: seek out the forest. Turn on your senses and explore the forest!

♥ are invitations to touch and feel through your skin: textures of plants, heat of animal bodies, and springiness of wood.

♦ awaken eyes to flash of firefly, gleam of wildflower, and patterns on leaves.

♣ open ears to the forest’s many howls, songs, footfalls, and tree rustles.

♠ call us to taste and smell yummy fruit and bitter leaf.

Text by David G. Haskell with illustrations by Ellen Litwiller.

Printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co. on FSC® certified Paper. 

Packaged in a beautiful foil-stamped tuck box.

A portion of all proceeds supports education and forest conservation.

About the Brand: Art of Play

Art of Play is a modern emporium that makes puzzles, toys, and, their signature line of playing cards to inspire the wondrous, curious mind.

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