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Art of Play

Card Game ~ Endless Journey

Card Game ~ Endless Journey

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Art of Play's 'Endless Journey' was made in collaboration with illustrator Tom Gauld, inspired by the works of Laurence Sterne, for a modern take on the Myriorama.

Originated in France as entertainment for young children and was created in 1824 in a Gothic style depicting ruins, castles, cottages, a lighthouse, and a man fishing, with a backdrop of mountain islands, and a lake to add extra texture and depth to the scent.

Myriorama, or 'Many Thousand Views' consists of cards (in this case 12) depicting fragments of a landscape that can be arranged into a multitude of different combinations (in this case, 479,001,600)!

About the Brand: Art of Play

Art of Play is a modern emporium that makes puzzles, toys, and, their signature line of playing cards to inspire the wondrous, curious mind.

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