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Mini Wood Ornament ~ Box Cat

Mini Wood Ornament ~ Box Cat

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This charming ornament is a playful tribute to our beloved feline friends and their knack for squeezing into tight spaces. The cat's expression is a perfect blend of surprise and determination, as it embraces the challenge of fitting its fluffy frame into a cozy box. Hang it in a cozy corner or gift it to someone who appreciates the art of cat lounging. Each mini wooden cat ornament is meticulously crafted with love and attention to detail, capturing the irresistible charm and personality of our feline companions. Whether you choose one or collect them all, these delightful ornaments will bring a touch of warmth and the spirit of cats to your holiday celebrations. Product Details: • Dimensions: approximately 1.5-2" in diameter • Paired with a fun, colorful paper backing that is ready to gift • Made from certified sustainable American alder wood • Tied with red & white cotton baker’s twine • Made in Los Angeles, California

About the Brand: Hereafter

Laser cut wooden ornaments with positive punny affirmations to decorate plants.

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