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Diaspora Co

Chaat Masala

Chaat Masala

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Derived from the Hindi word “chaatna,” which means to lick, and quintessential to the street food genre of the same name, our mouth-puckering blend is meant to be relished.

Diaspora Co.’s 12 single-origin, freshly-harvested spices create a perfect balance of salty, sour, and umami flavors. Sprinkle on top of cut fruit, rim a cocktail glass, stir into yogurt or seltzer, or add it to your favorite sweet and savory snacks!

Ingredients: Kesari Amchur, Black Salt, Nagauri Cumin, Nandini Coriander, Surya Salt, Hariyali Fennel, Madhur Jaggery, Hing, Dried Mint 

About the Brand: Diaspora Co.

Dedicated to equitable & regenerative farming, Diaspora Co. reimagines the spice trade by prioritizing flavor, transparency, and ethical partnerships with their single-origin spices sourced from India & Sri Lanka.

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