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Cardamom Rose Spice Dust

Cardamom Rose Spice Dust

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Freshly powdered rose petals & cardamom for dusting on top of Cardamom Rose Tea Lattes.

How to pour DONA’s signature lunar latte:

Mix DONA concentrate equal parts with plant milk in a steam pitcher.

Steam to desired texture and temperature

Pour into desired cup

Using a to-go lid - slightly larger than the drink cup - cover half of the top of the latte

Using a small wire mesh sieve, dust DONA spice blend over the top of the drink

Set aside lid for later use, and serve a crescent moon dusted DONA latte.

Ingredients: rose petals, cardamom

Made in United States
Shelf life: 24–36 months
Weight: 6.72 oz (190.51 g)

About the Brand: DONA

DONA makes concentrated beverages using the highest quality single-origin & direct trade ingredients.

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