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Hair Claw ~ Classic Tortoise

Hair Claw ~ Classic Tortoise

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MACHETE hair claws are the perfect accessory for hair of any texture. Create an effortless look with your everyday outfit, or use it on the go for a quick updo.

Keep cool in the summers and stay trendy in the winter with this retro-inspired accessory.  Made with sturdy Italian acetate and offered in an array of colors and patterns, find the piece that completes your look.

Durable, sturdy, and handmade from fine Italian cellulose acetate, MACHETE accessories are made from natural, renewable materials and are a great alternative to petroleum-based products.


Mini: 1.5" x 1.25

Midi: 1.75" x 3.5

Grande: 2” x 3.75” 

Model is wearing the hair claw in Grande in Blonde Tortoise.


  • Made to Last:  MACHETE claws are reinforced with Italian acetate and a double-walled design. 
  • Perfect for lots of hair: Long, short, wavy, curly, these claws securely hold medium or large volumes of hair in place without tugging or damaging it.
  • Trendy: Bring back the 90s with our chunky design and array of fun colors.
  • About the Brand: MACHETE

    MACHETE produces classic accessories handcrafted from fine cellulose acetate and available in various colors and patterns.

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