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Modern Sprout

Tiny Terracotta ~ Curious Catnip Kit

Tiny Terracotta ~ Curious Catnip Kit

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Treat your dog or cat to a homegrown, all-natural snack that’s packed with essential nutrients to promote a shiny coat, a happy tummy and a wiggling tail.

Features a terracotta planter with a water-tight glazed interior and a nested coconut husk liner that provides drainage.

As the plant matures, the liner can be transplanted into a larger pot or garden.

Grow Kits are assembled in Chicago of domestic and imported components.

Includes: non-GMO, organic seeds Terracotta vessel coco grow medium discs coco husk net pot plant food

About the Brand: Modern Sprout

Modern Sprout produces a range of creative gardening products from planting kits to gardening tools that cultivate the inner gardner in us all.

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