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The Qi

Whole Flower Tea ~ Blue Lotus

Whole Flower Tea ~ Blue Lotus

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Encourage a restful mind and body with The Qi’s Blue Lotus tea. This serene flower was is also known as the Ancient Egyptian Dream Flower, used for stress relief and deep relaxation.  Less floral than the Royal Chrysanthemum and Shangri-La Rose, the Blue lotus has rich notes of anise and roots, accompanied by an earthy aroma. 

Each flower is good for 3 servings in a 6-7oz cup.

Available as a single or in a pack of 9. Interested in sampling all 3? Opt for the floral tea sampler to experience the Shangri-La Rose and Royal Chrysanthemum too!



Contains: 9 x Individually Packed organically grown Blue Lotus Flower (27 cups) Single-origin: Sourced from an island called HaiNan Island (海南島) that is known as the Hawaii of China.

Fun fact: Known as the Ancient Egyptian Dream Flower for deep relaxation + stress relief.

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