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Cocktail Bitters ~ Bonfire

Cocktail Bitters ~ Bonfire

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Strongwater's spicy Bonfire bitters are the perfect blend of spicy peppers and bright citrus lime notes to accompany your Bloody Mary, Margarita, or Spicy Mezcal Cocktail.

With so much more flavor and complexity than just a single spice, Wildfire carries with it vegetal notes, bright lime zest, kaffir lime leaves, as well as a symphony of multiple hot chiles and peppers that include Habaneros, Jalapenos, Ghost, and Hatch Green Chiles.

40 Servings.

Ingredients: Filtered Rocky Mountain water, alcohol, habanero, jalapeño, ghost pepper, green chilies, kaffir leaf, lime zest

About the Brand: Strongwater

Strongwater makes cocktail syrups, bitters, and sparkling mixers inspired by tradition and bodly flavored with botanical herbs for an elevated cocktail experience

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