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Cocktail Bitters ~ Virtue

Cocktail Bitters ~ Virtue

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Rose, sage, holy basil, chrysanthemum, and lemongrass meld to create this delicate, herbaceous bitters, which is inspired by ceremonial flowers used the world over.

Softly bitter and lightly sweet, it was originally envisioned as a complement to white spirits like vodka and gin, sparkling wine, and sparkling water -- but we know many mixologists who stir the Virtue into whiskey to great effect.

With its balanced profile and floral palate, itโ€™s also a bartender favorite for low-ABV cocktails.

Ingredients: Filtered Rocky Mountain Water, alcohol, sage, rose, chrysanthemum, holy basil, blessed thistle, lemongrass.

About the Brand: Strongwater

Strongwater makes cocktail syrups, bitters, and sparkling mixers inspired by tradition and bodly flavored with botanical herbs for an elevated cocktail experience

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