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Shower Steamers ~ Lavender + Lemon

Shower Steamers ~ Lavender + Lemon

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Transform your shower into a bright and refreshing spa experience with this lavender-lemon essential oil blend of shower steamers. Enjoy a classic blend of floral and citrus scents helps to relax your body and awaken your senses.

Comes in the classic set of 4 or a mini pack of 2! Each steamer can be broken in half and is good for two showers. 

Tips to make your shower steamer last longer:
1. Get your shower nice and steamy
2. Turn your exhaust fan off
3. Sprinkle a few drops of water onto the shower steamer to activate it, then place your shower steamer in the corner of your shower.

Packaging: Made from PLA and are certified compostable. PLA is a plant-based compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars. All shower steamers are handmade in the USA with love and care and are Leaping Bunny certified. 


About the Brand: Thulisa Naturals

Shower steamers scented with essential oils turn your everyday shower routine into a luxurious aromatherapeutic experience.

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