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Wonky Wicks

Repurposed Bottle Candle ~ Love Birds

Repurposed Bottle Candle ~ Love Birds

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Floral notes of ylang ylang and clary sage intertwine with a light hint of cardamom and patchouli for a Valentines candle that's airy and light like two birds in flight.

Cardamom is warm and spicy, but also sweet and balsamic. That unique, distinctive balance of characteristics is exactly what Love Birds is modeled after. Rather than solely floral or solely spicy, this aroma takes the best parts of two seemingly opposing scent profiles and makes a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Each Wonky Wick candle is made with 100% soy wax and enhanced with pure essential oils. They are poured into a repurposed bottle, which we hand-cut and sand down to create a delightfully off-kilter candle we hope finds you with delight and leaves you with a lingering scent of whimsy. 

  • Handmade in Maryland

  • Poured in small batches

  • No paraben & phthalates, no toxins or chemicals, no dyes, no synthetics— just pure, natural, plant-based ingredients sourced with care

About the Brand: Wonky Wicks

Wonky Wicks are soy wax candles, scented naturally with essential oils and poured into repurposed glass bottles.

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