8 Items of Comfort to Feel "At Home" in Your New Space

A collection put together not to help prepare you to be a student, but to take on this next chapter with confidence and excitement as you make your first home away from home. 

Moving into a new dorm? First apartment?

College is for many people their first time living away from home, and the first time being able to truly decorate to their aesthetic sensibilities. You likely have your notebooks, your pens, your textbooks and other essential college student quintessentials. That’s great ~ but we’re here to put your stylistic fingerprint on your new space. Feeling “at home” is something that happens over time, but looking around and seeing your own sensibilities reflected back at you is a comforting feeling, and so this list exist to help you as you curate and adjust to new surroundings.

Knee Blanket In Rust Herringbone by TBCo

Recycled Wool Blankets by TBCo

One thing I learned in college was that you can never have too many blankets!

Useful when you have people over for movie night, overnight guests, and they're great in the wintertime when trying to keep those heating costs down. We love TBCo's soft, luxurious blankets because they're made with recycled wool.

Each full blanket saves 6 preloved garments from the landfill-- but more than that: they are soft, machine washable, and even come in a 'knee blanket' size that's perfect for keeping warm on the bleachers during sports games.

Large Serving Tray ~ Faye

Serving Trays by Wolfum Studio

Cups, plates, forks-- it's easy to remember all of those bare necessities, but what about the little details that make everything easier?

Carrying your experimental 4 course girl dinner from kitchen to your room would be a lot lot easier with a tray, you might notice halfway up the stairs.

Let's face it. College is the beginning of your home decor cottagecore era whether you're ready for it or not. Decorative trays are just the beginning-- soon it'll be nearly useless but exciting kitchen gadgets, coasters on coasters, and each of your houseplants will have names and complex emotional profiles only you understand.

And we love that for you!

Tangram vol 1. Page 70

Tangram Magazine by Art of Play

Magazines are a medium of reading that’s both highly enjoyable, yet noncommittal. Graphic articles that engage the eye as much as the brain, this form of reading lends really well to people who love reading but find they no longer have the time to read full books. They also make for a great coffee table selection.

Each issue of Art of Play’s Tangram explores a different facets of creative mediums and disciplines and dedicated each issue to themes surrounding “space” (vol. 2), “light” (vol. 4), and “cycles repetition, and mastery” (vol. 3). 


Games Three Ways:

Eames “Hang-it-All” Edition 2

Playing Cards by Art of Play

Carrying around a deck of cards is woefully underrated! It's a great way of being social and present, and helps pass time if you ever find yourself sitting around. Plus, great at parties and get-togethers. 

Dominoes Set ~ Rue Maroon

Dominoes Sets by Wolfum Studio

A set of dominoes is great to have around the house, especially with roommates. Gather around the table, do a quick shuffle, and slam some dominoes on the tables (with love, of course).

 500 piece puzzle ~ Toga Party

Puzzles by Ordinary Habit and Piecework Puzzle

But specifically, this puzzle. “Toga Party” is a 500 piece puzzle with a cheeky ode to Greek life and is great fun to put together on your own or with a couple pals.

Tandoori Masala

Diaspora Co Spices

Cooking is all about flavor. Even the most basic meals can be delectable with the right seasoning. Trust me when I say the Diaspora Co. Masalas make everything delectable, even the laziest of college home cooking.

Rice, beans, masala? Yum. Baked potato & masala? Nice. Beans on toast & masala? Couldn't be happier.

On the other hand, this works both ways. Make a big pot of curry for the roommates for Sunday night dinner that’s seasoned to perfection. Slow cook the best pot of lentils you'll spend the rest of your life trying to replicate. Find your inner culinary genius and let marinate for 4 years, depending on flavor.


Coffee from Onyx Coffee Labs

Eclipse Whole Bean Coffee

If you drink coffee, this might be one of the periods of life where you're drinking more of it, so may as well make it the good stuff.

Onyx Coffee Labs is known for being "coffee for coffee people" for their eclectic and premium selection of ethically sourced coffee from around the world. We try to keep our small offering fresh and rotating, so check back often to see more blends!

Honorable Mentions 


Earth Tones Candle & Autumn Sprinkles Coaster 

Soy Wax Candles by Wonky Wicks & Coasters by Subtle Art Studios 

While these products work perfectly well on their own, they actually go great together! Coasters for candles are just as necessary as coasters for cups! That’s a PSA for anyone that doesn’t want burn rings on their surfaces (that should be all of you). Hand-tiled with heat resistant glass, Subtle Art Studio coasters protect your surfaces with timeless style. Made with repurposed bottles and essential oils, these unassuming candles fill a room and promote a relaxing, aromatherapeutic ambiance.

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Off to College Collection

This collection was put together not just to help prepare you to be a student, but to take on this next chapter with confidence and excitement as you make your first home away from home. 

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