Everyday Cardamom Rose Tea

A simple guide to making cardamom rose tea at home

Like the title suggests, I’ve been drinking cardamom rose every. single. day. Especially during the colder months, this absolute power couple of a spice duo is my go-to. Cookies, granola, pancakes, hot chocolate ~ with a twist of cardamom rose, please. All at once it’s floral, warming, sweet, and aromatic.

I’ve been gravitating toward the tea recently because unlike all of the delicious treats mentioned above, it’s incredibly simple to make and it’s what I’ve been reaching for when I’m in the shop and am after an afternoon cuppa. Below is a quick & easy how-to (it’s almost too simple to call a recipe, let’s be honest) if you’d like to try this for yourself!

FYI during the colder months, if you bring a thermos I’d be happy to make you a cuppa! 

How to:

~ Boil water

~ In a strainer, add 2 whole cardamom pods (lightly crushed) & about 12-13 dried rose petals (or, 1 whole rose)

~ Pour boiled water over strainer and let steep for at least 5 minutes

~ Take a deep inhale, then enjoy sip by joyous sip



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