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6 Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts Under $75

In the realm of gift-giving, the pursuit of luxury often comes with a hefty price tag. However, this Valentine's Day, we invite you to explore a world where opulence meets eco-consciousness without breaking the bank!

Our curated selection of eco-luxe Valentine's gifts under $75 promises to redefine the art of giving, offering thoughtfully crafted, sustainable treasures that speak to both the heart and the planet.

Below you'll find a couple curated gifts that celebrate love with style, purpose, and affordability.


"Chic & Sweet" - $68

Elevating our eco-luxe Valentine's gifts is the "Chic & Sweet" gift box—an embodiment of sophistication and charm. This delightful collection includes a notebook, rose steamers, non-toxic nail polish, and a bar of chocolate.

Thoughtfully curated, the "Chic & Sweet" box combines practical elegance with indulgence, making it a perfect fit for those who appreciate a touch of luxury in their everyday moments. 

'Rose & Cardamom' ~ $52

With the "Rose & Cardamom" gift box, we invite you to savor the delicate balance of luxury and simplicity—an eco-luxe treat that captures the spirit of Valentine's Day. A celebration of love, flavor, and well-being ~ because sometimes, the most luxurious gifts come in the simplest forms.

Inside, discover single-origin cardamom and rose, meticulously sourced to elevate your tea and baking experiences. Cardamom, recognized as a natural aphrodisiac, adds a touch of romance to your culinary creations. The inclusion of cardamom shower steamers enhances the sensory journey, transforming ordinary moments into indulgent rituals.

"For my Sweet"- $65

This charming collection features a non-toxic nail polish, a chai concentrate, and a vegan chamomile chocolate, making it an ideal treat for those who appreciate simple indulgences. This thoughtful, pampering gift set is a weet statement of affections, perfect for expressing love without compromising on style or sustainability.



Alice Maroon Domino Set- $76

An elegant but entertaining twist to shared moments, our eco-luxe Valentine's line-up feature a stunning Floral Domino Set.

Adorned with intricate handprinted patterns, this Alice Maroon domino set is more than a game—it's a timeless experience to be enjoyed together. Crafted for quality and designed for beauty, these dominos promise to pass the time in style for years to come.

Petite Trio flower Set - $58

Closing our eco-luxe Valentine's gifts showcase is the enchanting Petite Trio Flower Set—a floral symphony featuring loose-leaf, whole flower butterfly pea tea, jasmine, and rosebuds. This exquisite trio is a sensory journey, offering moments of tranquility and connection. With each sip, embrace the delicate beauty of nature. The Petite Trio Flower Set invites you to savor the simplicity and elegance of floral infusions

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