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The Qi

Petite Flower Trio Tea Set

Petite Flower Trio Tea Set

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A set of petite flower teas in a beautiful gift box!

Butterfly Pea: Notes of subtle citrus fruits and herbs. In India, this flower is revered as a holy flower used in daily Puja rituals. Add a touch of lemon juice & watch the color change from blue to purple!

Jasmine: Delicately sweet and lightly fragrant in both aroma and taste. Lovely on its own, wonderful to enjoy with other herbs and teas as well.

Rosebud: With hints of rose and light honey notes enjoy this as a tea and more.

How to use: Pour hot water (190-195°F) over 3-5 flowers in a clear glass cup/mug, cover, and let it steep for 3-5 mins. Sip and enjoy this beautiful cup of flower tea.

Set contains: 1 x Jar Butterfly Pea 1 x Jar Jasmine flower 1 x Jar Rosebuds

All are:

~ Organically grown

~ Antioxidants

~ Vegan  

~ Zero calories

~ Non-GMO

~ Naturally caffeine-free

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The Qi

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