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Dos Alquemistas (2A)

Olive Dust ~ 100% Olive Leaf Powder

Olive Dust ~ 100% Olive Leaf Powder

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Unlock the power of the Mediterranean and beyond with Dos Alquemista (2A)’s Olive Dust.  This finely milled olive leaf powder is endlessly versatile and has been used as a superfood and as medicine for thousands of years, dating back to the times of Ancient Egypt.  Throughout many cultures, the olive tree was seen as a symbol for peace, purity and wellness. Modern technology has allowed 2A to take the precious olive leaves and dehydrate and mill them in order to maximize the benefits and flavors. 

Olive Dust is incredible in smoothies, teas, baked goods, and so much more! Boost your immune system and enjoy the captivating flavor. Meet the superfood trusted for thousands of years.

Ingredient: 100% upcycled, local & organic olive leaves. Dehydrated and milled on Mallorca.

So Many Ways To Use… Add one teaspoon to your daily smoothie, mix with water or plant milk, or give your culinary dishes a creative and earthy twist.. The possibilities are endless!

Net weight: 60 g.  | 30 servings.

About the Brand: Dos Alquemistas (2A)

Dos Alquemistas handpicks olive leaves from organic olive groves in Mallorca for their hearty olive teas.

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