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Dos Alquemistas (2A)

Olive Latte

Olive Latte

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Nurture your body and soul and savor the rich indulgence and immune boosting benefits of Dos Alqemistas (2A)’s Olive Latte.

This latte includes olive leaf powder, a superfood trusted for centuries, and a perfect blend of flavors and sweetness that can be enjoyed any time of day. The finely milled olive leaf powder has been used as a superfood and as medicine for thousands of years, dating back to the times of Ancient Egypt.

It is know for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and is said to aid in immunity, digestion, and even promote heart health.

2A calls this latte “The Mediterranean Answer to Japan’s Matcha Latte.” Caffeine- Free! 

Ingredients: Olive Dust*, Cacao*, Coconut sugar*, cinnamon*, cardamon* , chili*. * of organic farming.

How to Use: Whisk one teaspoon of Olive Latte with a dash of hot water until dissolved. Add your favorite hot mylk. We love our latte with oat- or almond milk. Need an uplift? Make it a Dirty one by adding a freshly pulled shot of espresso.

Net weight: 70 g.  | 35 servings.

About the Brand: Dos Alquemistas (2A)

Dos Alquemistas handpicks olive leaves from organic olive groves in Mallorca for their hearty olive teas.

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