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Art of Play

Tangram, Vol. 1

Tangram, Vol. 1

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Tangram Magazine celebrates awe-inspiring expression across all creative disciplines. Each issue features an eclectic cast of artists, tinkerers, scientists, and eccentrics who embrace the many exciting intersections between beauty and surprise.

This inaugural issue is organized around the theme of "Going into wonder" and features a wide variety of creative minds, including Kensuke Koike (photo artist), Tobias Dostal (light sculptor), Kelli Anderson (paper artist), Robert Bosch (math professor), Oscar Okonu (hyperrealist illustrator), and Polly Morgan (taxidermy sculptor).

The physical journal itself is designed to express a philosophy of play as art. Within the pages, a curious reader can find tactile, visual, and intellectual excitement.

Warning: Tangram can spark a shift in perspective—things begin to glimmer that never did before. The world becomes a more astonishing place.

About the Brand: Art of Play

Art of Play is a modern emporium that makes puzzles, toys, and, their signature line of playing cards to inspire the wondrous, curious mind.

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