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Diaspora Co

Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa Mix

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Made with Diaspora Co.'s award-winning Anamalai Cacao, your Hot Cocoa is rich in cocoa butter and deeply luscious.

Add just a bit of Madhur Jaggery for a caramelly sweetness, it makes a super velvety cup of cocoa. We think it is perfect on its own, but you can spice it up by adding cinnamon or cardamom, or turn up the heat with a chilli powder.

Contains 21 tbsp Hot Cocoa Mix ~ 1 tbsp per serving

Ingredients: Madhur Jaggery, Anamalai Cacao, Surya Salt 

Net Wt. 6.7 Oz (190g)

About the Brand: Diaspora Co.

Dedicated to equitable & regenerative farming, Diaspora Co. reimagines the spice trade by prioritizing flavor, transparency, and ethical partnerships with their single-origin spices sourced from India & Sri Lanka.

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