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Diaspora Co

Wild Heimang Sumac

Wild Heimang Sumac

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Sumac is often used to ease digestion, and as a tangy, flavorful souring agent used when fresh lemons aren't in season.

Diaspora’s Wild Heimang Sumac has an incredible depth of flavor, with notes of lemon, black tea, jujube, and cranberry. It adds a zesty kick to salads, cocktails, dips— even tea!

Grown wild and foraged by the Ningthi village in the Ukhrul hills, this sundried and hand-pounded Heimang or Chinese Sumac is sourced for Diaspora by their friends at Hillwild.

Ingredients: 100% Wild Heimang Sumac

About the Brand: Diaspora Co.

Dedicated to equitable & regenerative farming, Diaspora Co. reimagines the spice trade by prioritizing flavor, transparency, and ethical partnerships with their single-origin spices sourced from India & Sri Lanka.

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