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Chickpea Magazine

Chickpea Magazine Issue 34 ~ Vintage

Chickpea Magazine Issue 34 ~ Vintage

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Old is the new "new" with Chickpea Magazine's 34th edition Vintage. This isn't just a how-to guide in thrifting, it's an all-encompassing guide to closed loop living. Recycling items, as well as ideas (recipes) and pastimes, Vintage tackles retro living from every angle.

What's Inside:

~ Secondhand Living: An Essential Guide to Thrifting and Not Buying New

~ Classic Soups Made Modern

~ Veganizing Vintage Baking Recipes

~ Functional Beginner Macrame Projects

~ Throwing a Retro Dinner Party

~ Essential Sewing & Mending Tips

~ Closed Loop Living: How to Make Every Part of Your Life More Sustainable

~ Clothing Swaps 101

~ Celebrating Hand-me-down Recipes

About the Brand: Chickpea Magazine

Chickpea Magazine is a vegan lifestyle guide with recipes, articles, and how-tos for integrating more plant based options into your lifestyle.

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