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Chickpea Magazine

Chickpea Magazine Issue 35 ~ Everyday Vegan

Chickpea Magazine Issue 35 ~ Everyday Vegan

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Chickpea's 35th issue is a next-to-ultimate guide to veganism. With 120 advertisement-free pages, Everyday Vegan contains 55 recipes and more than 15 articles that'll help kick-start or reignite your home-cooking inspiration.

What's Inside: 

~veganism 101: a decade's worth of tips on how to go and stay vegan for the long run

~the essential plant-based pantry

~learning to cook without a recipe

~(not boring) beans, our favorite vegan protein source

~learning through baby steps (and easy substitutions)

~ultra-fast breakfasts for busy weeks

~learning to save time & have fun in the kitchen

About the Brand: Chickpea Magazine

Chickpea Magazine is a vegan lifestyle guide with recipes, articles, and how-tos for integrating more plant based options into your lifestyle.

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