Should you give your Air BnB guests a welcome gift? (+ 4 ideas!)

A welcoming basket shows your guests that you care about the little details. People often opt for Air Bnbs over hotels for a more personalized, homey experience, and a welcoming gift is great way to add that personal touch, even if you never meet in person.

Why Invest in Welcome Gifts for my guests?

Are welcome gifts absolutely necessary? No, probably not, but that's what makes it so special. The extra thought, and knowing that most people don't care to, or don't think it's worth enough to do so makes it more special when someone does make the effort. By investing in these little touches you show your guests that their experience is as important to you as it is to them.

Types of Welcome Gifts:

Depending on who is staying (a family, a couple, a group of friends, a solo traveler), there is a multitude of ways to go with a welcome gift, but the gift should do exactly what the name insinuates: welcome.

It doesn't need to put a galaxy of stars in their eyes, it's just a little token of appreciation.

It's likely your guests aren't packing nonessential creature comforts like tea or some cocktail mixers, maybe they didn't think to bring a deck of cards to keep the kids entertained, or maybe they've never tried shower steamers before, and had no idea how much they needed them.

We've put together some smaller gift options that are budget-friendly but make a long lasting impressing that's sure to get you repeat visitors and 5-star ratings.

A Luxe, Pampering Gift ($52)

Lavender Fields Forever

This soothing welcome gift is centered around lavender for an extra touch of relaxation during your guests' stay. Featuring a salt soak with lavender essential oils, a lavender scented candle, and a bar of chocolate, this set goes above and beyond to give your guests a true taste of rest & relaxation.

The beauty of this welcome box is in the versatility. Applicable year-round, giftable to a solo traveler getting away from It All or a for couple taking a weekend trip, and lavender is an almost universally popular scent.

Due to its size (namely the fact there's only one very scrumptious chocolate bar to split), this gift is best for smaller groups. 

For the Long-term Renter ($75)

Mental Reset
There are some who stay the night, some who will indulge in a nice long weekend, then you have the guest(s) who stay. For anyone staying for longer than a pit-stop, the Mental Reset box is a slightly higher-end gift that has a ton of longevity. The journal and affirmations will last long after your guest flies the nest, and so will the good impression you left. 

For the Happy Couple ($115)

Lover's Lane

We only recommend this box for special occasions. Anniversaries, honeymoons, or to really treat some a returning guest to show your appreciation. This gift is luxurious, high-end, and not an everyday box that should be given as a standard welcome gift. Used correctly though, a gift box like this could be the difference between a couple's nice weekend away and the spot they go to year after to celebrate.

Little Foodie Set

The Easy-Peasy Classic ($38)

A chocolate bar & something to drink. As much as we try to complicate things, we humans really are a simple creatures, and we're always going to want fun little treats to nibble on. There's so many variations of this gift box ~ chocolate & chai concentrate, chai concentrate & flower teas, flower teas & chocolate. It's simple, affordable, and universally well-received.



The #1 thing I've learned in life (perhaps emphasized by working in a gift store) is that you never lose by giving. There's those who appreciate the extra effort and those who don't, and the reactions/gratitude/general goodwill people show when presented with a-little-something will always outweigh the times your efforts go unappreciated.

Plus, if I read a review that says the cute little place I want to escape to is also gifting me, like, a bar of chocolate and a natural therapeutic bath soak, that is absolutely where I'm taking my burnt-out, self-care self for the weekend.

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