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Terra - Pure Olive Leaf Herbal Tea

Terra - Pure Olive Leaf Herbal Tea

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Ingredients: 100% organic olive leaf tea with essential oil of the pine tree.

Net weight: 90g .

Serving: 25 cups or 50 with a delicious second flush.

Hot brew: steam 10 grams in one litre of hot water for 7 to 10 minutes.

Cold brew: Add 15 grams to one litre of cold water and let it macerate in a closed jar in the fridge for 14 hours. Strain. and sweeten to your liking with honey.

Btw: 2A Bags are 100% compostable.

About the Brand: Dos Alquemistas

Dos Alquemistas handpicks olive leaves from organic olive groves in Mallorca to make their hearty olive teas

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A unique herbal infusion crafted from upcycled olive leaves sourced from olive groves in Mallorca. This earthy tea offers a distinct flavor profile that is both robust and smooth.