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Dos Alquemistas (2A)

Terra ~ Pure Olive Leaf Herbal Tea

Terra ~ Pure Olive Leaf Herbal Tea

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Hand-picked from the sunny olive groves of Mallorca, Dos Alquemistas (2A) recycle olive leaves into a hearty, nutritious tea with a distinct and earthy taste. Olive Leaf Tea has been used for centuries for its antioxidant benefits. It is chocked full of the leaf’s phenols (oleuropeina and hydroxytyrosol), which are said to help the body’s defense system. The tea is also know to have anti-inflammatory benefits and is said to aid in immunity, digestion, and even promote heart health.

Terra is 2A’s blank canvas. Perfect for purists or for those who want to experiment with their own flavor combinations. Here at Green & Bean, we love to pair Terra with our dried Panneer Rose by Diaspora Co.  Experience the soothing flavors and wellness benefits in every sip.

Ingredients: 100% organic olive leaf tea with essential oil of the pine tree.

Net weight: 90g.

Servings: 25 cups or 50 with a delicious second flush.

Hot Brew: steam 10 grams in one liter of hot water for 7 to 10 minutes. Strain, sweeten as desired and enjoy!

Cold Brew: Add 15 grams to one liter of cold water and let soak in a closed jar in the fridge for 14 hours. Strain, sweeten as desired and enjoy!

Packaging is Compostable!

About the Brand: Dos Alquemistas (2A)

Dos Alquemistas handpicks olive leaves from organic olive groves in Mallorca for their hearty olive teas.

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